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Thanks for taking a minute to visit our web site. Just Auto Home is one of the leading car dealers in Lagos, Nigeria. We basically specialize in the sale of used but very clean cars at very cheap and affordable prices. Our goal as a company is to leverage the auto-mobile market with options and alternatives that can guarantee real value for money.

Our understanding of the fact that not everyone wants a new car has become the pivot of the mechanism that drives us going. We provide our clients with the opportunity and access to very cheap cars, yet without compromising standards. Our long standing records of reliability over the years, have gradually infill confidence and trust in lovers of used cars, as we stand to assure them of real value for money.

Just Auto Home does Sales and Pre Order of cars direct from US to Nigeria saving our customers about N120, 000 – N1, 500,000 depending on the car of your choice.We also accept part payment to start with 50% on any Car. While we will wait for the balance on arrival.

Pre Order is placing an order for a car which you can’t find on our list and you want us to give you this car on a cheaper budget saving you 150k or more to the market value. To do this we provide our customers with at least 3-4 picture of the car and they pick their choice by selecting 1 to 2 from it. We have men on ground that will go for inspection and satisfy the quality of the car before and purchase and process of shipping it from US to Nigeria.The good thing about Pre Order is that it gives you quality car for less cost and also gives you enough room to calculate and raise your balance towards your target.Buyers should always allow 45-60Days delivery of the car from USA.Our terms and conditions are as flexible as an iphone. We constantly accept feedbacks and thereon improve to serve you better. you can take a look at our reviews page to see what our clients are saying about us.

Are you yet to be convince of our quality delivery? Then do not hesitate to give us a call or send us a feedback message or visit our office.

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