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In this post we share 7 key steps you need to take before you buy a new or used car in Nigeria.

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Now, back to the 7 steps to take before you buy your new or used car in Nigeria?

The first and most important step is you need to take is:

1. Decide what sort of car you really need.

Be honest about what sort of car you actually need. It’s always useful to benchmark what you need in a car first, then add in the features that you’d like later.

  • A few good questions to ask include;
    Why do you need a leather seat?
    Do you worry about the kids in the back seat?
    Will fabric seat be good for the weather?
    Will I always turn on the air conditioner to keep the leather seat cool in a hot weather?

Getting clear on some of these will get you closer to the car of your dreams.

The next step in deciding to buy a new or used car in Nigeria is this:

2. You need to determine the proper purchase price

Once you’ve decided what you like and have already established what you can afford — it’s time to arrive at a purchase price.

Just Auto Home have Fair Purchase Price that gives you an accurate idea of what people have paid in your area for the car you have an interest in.

3. The next step is engine capacity

What purpose is the car about to serve?
Are you always on the highway travelling or within the city.
What is the capacity of the engine you really need?
Do you need a 4Cylinder engine or V6 and why do you need it? It’s obvious that 4cylinder engine tends to consume fuel little lower than V6.

The speed you have on V6 can’t be compared to that of a 4plug. 6Plug is more power and moves faster and is built to carry or move heavy duties.

4. Next, you need to locate a convenient dealer.


Locate a dealer when you're sure you've crossed all five steps above

Compare dealer locations and, if all other things are equal, showroom environments.

We advice stay away from dealerships where two-thirds of the sales staff is standing at the front entrance.
Avoid making a wrong choice when dealers rush to you at the car lots.

5. Then you need to take a test drive.

With all of the online sources available for your basic research, we believe the importance of the test drive has been marginalized.

Virtually nothing is more important in your decision process than how you feel behind the wheel. And so many variables come into play — seat height, wheel adjustment, steering feel, throttle tip-in, outward visibility, control layout, etc. — that you simply must spend a reasonable amount of time driving the car or feeling the car in the reach and comfort of the dealer.

Try to make it convenient for the dealer and your self to arrive at a comfort zone during the inspection.

When speaking to a dealer you may need to discuss these 3 factors shared in this related post.

The sixth step is you need to ask if anything on the car ever been replaced or updated?

New or recent updates could increase the value of the vehicle.

From your perspective, these will also let you know how much money you can expect to invest in the vehicle down the line – if the car just had new tires put on, then you know that’s something you won’t need to do right away. Ask to see any receipts they might have to verify the updates.

Finally, the 7th step is, ask to be sure if the dealer takes trade-ins?

Before you fully commit or get your heart set on a particular model, find out how much money the car will cost, once all the fees and taxes are included. If the price is higher than your budget, you might be able to offset a portion of the expenses with a trade-in.
At Just Auto Home. we do trade in of old cars for an upgrade to a newer car for you.

Most importantly, here’s a free e-guide on the price ranges of top sought-after cars great for Nigerian roads.

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